ActiveWire Optoisolator Add-on board

Please refer to the pin diagram below.

  pin#   pin# (Note*)  
+5V 1 2 NC ActiveWire Optoisolator board C3 20 19 E3
NC 3 4 NC GND 18 17 E2
NC 5 6 NC C2 16 15 E1
GND 7 8 NC C1 14 13 E0
NC 9 10 NC C0 12 11 +5v
I/O0 11 12 +5V C7 10 9 E7
I/O1 13 14 I/O2 GND 8 7 E6
I/O3 15 16 I/O4 C6 6 5 E5
I/O5 17 18 GND C5 4 3 E4
I/O6 19 20 I/O7 C4 2 1 +5v

( Note* : Pinouts corrected on Jan.25th, 2000.   Apologies for any confusions.)

Input side is connected to the ActiveWire bus connector so that it can be easily plugged in to the ActiveWire USB board.

Output is optically isolated bi-polar transistor.  See spec of the chip here.
In above table, 'C#' corresponds to Collector, 'E#' corresponds to Emitter.

Following example demonstrates controling RC servo motor.
Please refer to the wiring diagram below.

ActiveWire Optoisolator board Example

Please select Device# at first.
Device# is the number sequentially assigned to each board by Windows operating system.
If you have only 1 board plugged into your system, Device# is 0.
If you have 2 boards plugged into your system, the first board is 0, the another is 1.

Click in the box below, type in a number, then click Open.

Now you can click on either of following radio button, then servo will follow your command.

0 degree
30 degree
60 degree
90 degree
120 degree
150 degree
180 degree

Below is a debug message.
If it says ERROR, check your hardware/software.

debug message :

If you see ActiveWire bitmap below, ActiveX control is loaded successfully.

If you see broken picture above, either ;

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or above is required. Download the latest from Microsoft web site.

  2. Security setting of your Internet Explorer is preventing from loading ActiveX control. Choose View->Internet Option->Security, then set Local intra net zone security setting to Low.

  3. ActiveX control is not installed in your system properly. Download AwusbIO.OCX, and follow instruction.

  4. ActiveWire USB Windows Driver is not installed properly. Download RegClear.exe and try reinstall driver.